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Pokemon go Cheats

The hottest game on mobile devices, Pokémon Go has taken the world by storm.  Now you have the power to go to untold reaches with the use of Pokemon Go hacks.  With a simple action you can everything you ever wanted out of the game.  Which ones should you get and which ones should you avoid?  Let’s find out.

Released only a few months ago, Pokémon Go takes the Pokémon universe and brings it to the world around us through the use of augmented reality.  Breaking records and showing that an augmented reality MMO game can be possible, Pokémon Go uses a freemium model.  The plus of this model is that you can get the game for free and start playing in a matter of minutes after you download it.  The downside of the freemium model is that you can use real life cash to buy your way through the games progress.  Because of this, any person with enough money can get the upper hand against equally matched players even if they have the same skill level.  While most people shrug and consider this the nature of the beast, others want to find ways to make the playing field competitive again.  Below we go into detail about just that and demonstrate how you can use Pokemon Go cheats to get what you want.

Why Hack Pokémon Go?

Good question?  Doesn’t hacking give you an unfair advantage and ruin the sportsmanship of the game?  That depends.  If you want to use something like a Pokecoin hack to give yourself such a large lead that you dominate everyone and remove any competition, then you can.  However, the majority of people hacking the game don’t want this.  Instead, people who go after free Pokemon Go coins want to explore everything the game has to offer.  As the majority of the game doesn’t have to involve competition, you can use a Pokemon Go hack to explore.  You can hack the game, get all the Pokémon you want, and see what the game has to offer.  Other people use hacks kind of like people use the pay model.  Giving themselves a small bonus over time, they even the playing field with those willing to dump a lot of money into the game.  Whether something like free Pokeballs hack is ok, is moral or not will depend on your interpretation.

Pokecoins and Pokeballs Hack

How to find Best Pokemon Go Hack

The trick with finding a Pokemon Go hack that will work is to have the skills to find them yourselves.  Any hack that we are aware of will be out of date in a few weeks or maybe a month and will serve you no good if you are reading this a little while after it is published (except ours, since we regularly update it).  Instead of giving you a name, let’s review how you can find Pokemon Go cheats so that when your hack stops working, you can find another one that works the way you want it to.

The first kind of hack you may want to consider is the Pokemon Go Mod APK that we are providing.  This, along with the Pokemon Go hack iPhone, is apps that you can download that will help you hack Pokémon Go.  Some of these hacks will add additional functionality, like a better locator for Pokémon.  Others will directly interfere with your profile and give you things like free Pokeballs.  The benefits of these hacks are that they can remain relatively in the background and will generally not get your account banned.  The downside to these mods is that they can get shut down a number of different ways.  The creators can give up on updating them, the company creating Pokémon Go can have the apps banned from either marketplace, or a patch can make the app no longer functional.  Typically, the earlier you can get ahold of a Pokemon Go Mod APK or hack for iPhone, the more time you will have to use it before it no longer works.   Be aware that using apps that no longer work can flag the company that you are trying to hack and cause your account to be banned.

A second way to hack Pokémon Go is to use a website or download software onto your computer.  While Pokemon Go hack iPhone works by running an app that modifies Pokémon Go, a website or software can change values on your account by interrupting the signal.  These Pokemon Go cheats work by reading what values you have for things like Pokeballs or Pokecoins, and then allowing you the option to make that number whatever you want it to be.  Then, when the server reads what you have on your account, it updates on the server’s end and you are left with as many coins and balls as you want.  Some have also used hacks like these to increase their level, rank, and even get Pokémon.  While these hacks have a lot of potential, they can also be risky.  Changing values too dramatically can raise suspicions and get your account banned.  If other people suspect you are hacking, then they can report you.  Be aware that not all links online will work.  Some may even be predatory and attempt to install spyware if you download them or click the link.  The best way to be sure if something is safe is to do a search for it and see what other hackers think.  If people who use Pokemon Go hacks like the tool, then you can use it and be relatively safe in the knowledge that it will work.  Since our hack is tested and approved by top game hackers, you can never go wrong if you use the link above.

Pokemon Go Hack

Where Does This Leave Us?

As you can tell, there are many ways to access Pokemon Go cheats.  Whether this is your first time or you are experienced hacking games, be sure to take your time and research what is available before you use it.  As hacks are constantly changing, don’t trust guides like this if they are naming hacks as they may already be outdated.  Instead, use the techniques listed above and find out for yourself what the current, up-to-date hack is. That way, you can hack Pokémon Go without worry.

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Stop wasting time and fire up your pokemon go app and use our hack while you can since Developers are already finding a way to patch it. 

What is the Pokemon Go IV and Stats Calculator?

pokemon go iv calculator

Why we need Pokemon Go IV and Stats Calculator?

If you’re the type of Pokemaster that is interested in training your Pokemon so you can take over all of the gyms in your area, it’s important that you take the IV and stats into account before you step into battle. You’ll also want to know these values as they can help you to choose which Pokemon are the best to leave to defend your gym against rival teams. Below are just a few great reasons as to why the Pokemon Go IV and Stats Calculator can completely revolutionize the way you play.

What is Pokemon Go?

If you haven’t been reading the news as of late, Pokemon Go is easily the top grossing free application on every mobile device’s app store. It gives smartphone users the ability to find, evolve, and train different types of Pokemon that are placed in their area. With hundreds of species to encounter, it has changed the way that people play video games forever.

What is a Pokemon Go Hack?

Whenever you’re interested in boosting your stats or setting your character apart from the competition, you’re going to want to find a Pokemon Go hack. There are dozens to choose from but the 3 most popular include: free Pokemon Go coins, free Pokeballs, and the IV and Stats Calculator. They give you the ability to find important information that will help to make sure that your Pokemon are undefeated.

pokemon go IV and stats

The IV and Stats Calculator – Explained

When you begin using the Pokemon Go IV calculator you’re going to be able to learn about the different attacks that your Pokemon can do, the amount of damage that they will instill on their enemies, and their minimum and maximum attack values. Much like any other type of Pokemon Go bot you’ll have the ability to make your list stronger than you could imagine. The stats are also important to take into consideration, as they typically aren’t shown in the mobile application. Not only is this calculator one of the best Pokemon Go cheats, but it also helps you to play more in depth.


Whether you’re interested in finding free Pokeballs or if you want to go on the hunt for free Pokemon coins, these great Pokemon Go cheats are harmless and fun to use. When you’re looking for the right Pokemon Go mod APK ensure that you choose a trustworthy source that won’t exploit your computer system.

What is Pokemon GO and Reason for the Hype?

The Tricks to be Best in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go  – The Biggest Craze of 2016

Whether you first saw it on social media, on the local street corner, or play it yourself, there is no escaping the omnipresent super-trend that is Pokemon Go. Pokemon Go can be defined in one sentence as an “augmented reality game.” In other words, it’s a game that takes virtual characters and objectives and projects them onto the real-world. It’s not virtual reality; it literally modifies your current reality and turns it into the user-interface for the game. Here’s how it works.

The Basics to Pokemon GO

Pokemon Go users make a username, an avatar, and then they get right into playing. It’s not unlike a lot of the super-popular Pokemon games from the past. Users catch virtual monsters, train them up, and then do battle with other Poketrainers—that’s what you call the players.

By looking through your camera phone, you’ll see digital projections of Pokemon on the street, in your office, or just about anywhere else. You can also find important in-game equipment at locations called PokeStops. PokeStops allow for users to get free pokeballs and other goodies, like the Pokemon go IV calculator to track and analyze other users’ Pokemon.

Aside from the addictive nature of the gameplay, the best thing about the game is the fact that it’s free.

Sort of.  While there is no cost to making an account, there are little incentives added into the game to encourage a user to spend money, converting real dollars into Pokemon Go coins. But if you’re cheap, there are ways to get free pokemon coins and all sorts of other extras by simply doing something gamers have done since the beginning of time.

Pokemon Go - The Biggest Craze of 2016

The Tricks to be Best in Pokemon Go

Just like any other video game, there are always going to be users looking to get an edge. Often known as cheats or hacks, these exploits allow users to play a game without the same level as challenge, giving them an advantage over other users.

Pokemon Go is just one of many games that has now been compromised due to hacks and cheats. One Pokemon Go hack allows users to get free Pokemon Go coins. Other Pokemon Go cheats can allow users to avoid playing altogether. One Pokemon go bot automatically catches pokemon, and the Pokemon Go mod APK grants users special privileges like unlimited coins and unlocked Pokemon.

Whether you use cheats or not, you can still have fun.

If you haven’t played yet, you’re missing out, but remember, it’s never too late to get hooked on Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go Tips and Tricks

pokemon go tips and tricks

Become PokeMaster with our Pokemon Go Tips and Tricks

As a game that has easily taken the world by storm, Pokemon Go is an incredibly popular mobile application that everyone with a smartphone has downloaded over the past few months. If you’re a fan of the franchise, there’s nothing more appealing than being able to beat the competition and become the greatest Pokemaster that you can be. Unfortunately, unless you have a lot of time on your hands it can be relatively impossible to level up on Pokemon Go without these tips and tricks.

Tip 1: Pokemon Go Hacks

The first thing that you can do is start looking online for different Pokemon Go hacks and Pokemon Go cheats. These are designed to give you the ability to improve your character’s capabilities, capture more rare species, and even get more Pokeballs without having to find a Poke Stop. It’s important that you take the time to read reviews and ensure that the sources you’re visiting are legitimate, only because this is the perfect opportunity for scammers and hackers to take advantage of your personal information.

Tip 2: Pokemon Go Bots

Another interesting type of Pokemon Go hack is a bot that helps you to not only find more Pokemon in your area but it also helps you to get free Pokeballs and find free Pokemon Go coins so you can make purchases in the store. These bots are essential for anyone that doesn’t have a lot of time to run around their neighborhood and try to find species other than Rattata’s and Caterpie’s.

pokemon go mod apk

Tip 3: Pokemon Go Mod APK

If you’re looking for a more interesting adventure than ever before, consider downloading Pokemon Go Mod APK files. You can bring other characters into the game, such as characters from franchises including Grand Theft Auto. You can also use the APK files to get free Pokemon coins and to find brand new Pokemon Go cheats such as a Pokemon Go IV Calculator.

It’s simple to find a variety of different ways that you can improve your gameplay and conquer all of the gyms in your area. If you’re interested in learning more about how you can get the best Pokemon without having to put hours into the game, it’s time that you consider the above tips and cheats. From free Pokemon coins to free Pokeballs, the options are endless while you’re on your way to becoming the number 1 Pokemaster in your neighborhood.

Coast Guard Commandant Addresses Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities on Offshore Oil Rigs

At a CSIS event on the Coast Guard’s new cybersecurity strategy this past Tuesday, Commandant of the Coast Guard, Admiral Zukunft, highlighted a case in which workers on a mobile offshore drilling unit (MODU) in the Gulf of Mexico had inadvertently introduced malware to the rig’s computer system. Once inside the system, the malware disabled the signals to the dynamic positioning thrusters, which caused the floating unit to drift off of the well site. As a result, the well was temporarily shut down. It turns out that the MODU’s navigational control system is the same system that workers use to plug in smartphones and other personal computer devices. Unsuspecting individuals had downloaded infected files from online music and pornography sites, which then crossed over to the rig’s computer systems when the devices were plugged in.

Moving Forward with the Obama-Xi Cybersecurity Agreement

China’s leaders often talk about the need for a “new model of great power relations.” The agreement on cybersecurity between President Xi and Obama is a first step in defining it. The agreement does not mean we are done with cybersecurity. It is the start of a long journey to define both cyberspace and the larger relationship.

Serious discussions on how to respond to China’s cyber espionage began several years ago. A strategy that combined pressure and accommodation seemed the best alternative to passivity, and U.S. concerns were raised many times, including in a December 2013 non-paper given to Chinese officials that discussed sanctions, indictments and other measures if matters did not improve. At the time, there were objections that this approach wouldn’t work because Chinese culture and attitudes worked against reaching any agreement and that we could not influence their decision-making. These criticisms were wrong. If there are grounds for criticism, they would be that it was wrong to let so many months pass between indictments (which, contrary to much of the public discourse, had a powerful effect) and any follow on action.

ECJ Bombs the Safe Harbor

Today the European Court of Justice (ECJ) invalidated the ‘Safe Harbor’ agreement. This agreement allowed the European Commission (EC) to designate individual U.S. companies as having ‘adequate’ privacy protections in place despite the fact that the U.S., as a country, does not have “adequate” protections under EU law.

The ECJ ruled in favor of Max Schrems, an Austrian citizen who submitted a complaint to Irish regulators against Facebook after the Snowden revelations in 2013. Schrems argued that, by transferring his data to the U.S. in the course of normal operations, Facebook was violating his right to privacy by exposing him to indiscriminate surveillance by U.S. authorities under the NSA’s PRISM program. The Irish data protection authority rejected his complaint, arguing that Facebook’s data transfers were protected by the ‘Safe Harbor.’ The case was then escalated to the Irish High Court, who referred the case to the ECJ.

New White House Cyber Fact Sheet

Yesterday, the White House released a fact sheet comprehensively detailing all the efforts under the current Administration to bolster cyber defenses, organize internally more effectively, enhance public-private collaboration, and engage internationally.

The timing of the fact sheet’s release is meaningful, of course, but the document contains some initiatives that may be less familiar to the wider public. These include the FTC’s identitytheft.gov website launched earlier this year, the Federal CIO’s new dedicated “E-Gov Cyber” team, the planned deployment of EINSTEIN 3A across all federal civilian agencies by the end of 2015, new federal cyber workforce efforts, and proposals to update the Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) to include provisions relating to cybercrime.

For these alone, it’s worth a read. The same document can be found on the White House website.

Encryption: Roars from Stage Left

Let us subject today’s Times Story “13 Aged Cryptographers Lament” to a little scrutiny.  It (or its subject) looks  like something sculpted up to fit an agenda, not a complete assessment of the problem.  Start with two reference points:

  • No system is unpenetrable.  We are talking about how much it costs to get in.  Raising the cost of hacking is a good goal, but this will never be a risk free environment.
  • Nobody will use encryption when they know a third party can get access to their communications.  Most people don’t know what happens to their data now, and I’m not sure most of them care.
  • Much of what drives the debate is not keeping government out, it’s keeping the US government out, reflecting a larger distrust (and willful ignorance of foreign activities and intentions).